So we aren’t buying the house in London after all

Everyone finally realized we are never going to get a clean title, so the deal is dissolved. Hopefully it won’t take too long to get our earnest money and closing costs back.

We’ve decided the kids and I are not going to stay here in UK. Even though I could probably get a childcare job here that would pay about £2k a month, it would go straight toward rent, like, all of it. So we’re going to go ahead and move to Manchester (the thought being: if I can get a childcare job or work here, then I can get work there (UK) and get cash loans very quick) and that way if DH’s job goes south, we’ll at least be better positioned.

So…since getting in to someplace (either renting or buying) is both a function of credit AND income, for the time being (at least through the end of July) the kids and are going to be living in a campground. Sounds more horrific if you’re a city dweller than it is: my kids and I are used to it….if we vacation at all, it’s camping. At least they are upscale campgrounds: pools, rec rooms, WiFi, laundry, showers, electricity at every site.

Which brings me to: things I can cook without refridgeration. The longest I have been without refridgeration in a camping environment is 2 weeks. I just went to the camp store and bought milk for cereal everyday, but that gets expensive. For the initial 3 weeks, we’re probably going to be in a tent, unless I can find something towable for less than £3k that I can hook to the back of the 4Runner (the issue being something light enough but enclosed vs say a tent trailer.)

I’m bringing my pressure cooker (a step up from the crock pot I used to bring when I got smarter in my old age) so I just need ideas on meals which don’t require (a) refrigerated ingredients (b) don’t require baking. That lets out anything in a dutch oven too.

It’s quite an adventure!! 🙂