Luckily it all has worked out

but today was an emotional roller coaster that has totally wiped me out physically and emotionally.

Euphoria, paying off the first mortgage, obviously.

A minor disappointment. Our camper won’t be ready for pick up until the middle of next week because the delivered slide toppers were the wrong size and the replacement ones won’t arrive until Monday or Tuesday.

PANIC as I was backing out of my parking place my favorite dog started screaming in pain. While I had checked all around the truck before I started the truck I thought I had ran over her.

HUGE RELIEF I hadn’t actually hit her, just came close. She is deaf and apparently didn’t hear the truck motor and startled her when the truck barely touched her. Thank God I was going super slow.

Exhaustion, it was errand day.

Pride, came in way under budget on said errands.

Concern, ds called us all upset while we were out, his cat was acting strange and his tail appeared paralyzed, he was rushing him to the vet.

Some relief, Mr. Larry, will most likely regain use of his tail. If not, then we may be looking at a tail amputation. Hopefully not, he is 15 years old.

Grumpy, while Mr, M is likely to recover entirely he is under house arrest for 2 weeks minimum. He is a naughty kitty that doesn’t always visit with the litter box.